The Grand Manan Ferry Service¬†which carries both passengers and cars, lands at Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick. The ferry terminal at Black’s Harbour is on the south shore of New Brunswick about 6 miles off of Route 1, between St. Stephen and Saint John.¬† The exit is clearly marked.

Visitors from the United States may enjoy the scenic drive up the coast of Maine on Route 1 or may go directly from Bangor to Calais on Route 9. Crossing the International border from Calais, Maine to St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Coming from St. Stephen, the exit for Black’s Harbour and the Grand Manan Ferry Terminal is just beyond St. George. Visitors entering New Brunswick from Quebec will enjoy the drive down the Saint John River Valley on the Trans Canada Highway (Route 2). At Oromocto, the exit for Route 7 will lead to Saint John. On the outskirts of the city, route 7 connects with Route 1.

Heading west about 35 miles, a well marked exit indicates the way to Black’s Harbour. Visitors entering New Brunswick at the Nova Scotia Border, follow the Trans Canada Hwy, exiting for Route 1, just beyond Salisbury, NB. Route 1 will take you through Saint John to the Black’s Harbour exit.

Please remember that New Brunswick is on Atlantic Standard Time so set your watches ahead one hour when you cross the border into Canada from the United States or when you cross the border into New Brunswick from Quebec.